Everblooming Forest

zezu and lola


This comic tells the story of Zezu and Lola: two young Symbualé that are forced together on a journey of atonement after destroying an important part of the ceremony for the god of summer. They must travel to the four temples and ask forgiveness from the season gods. They are like fire and ice but on this journey they must learn to forgive each other as well as accept each other. Can they overcome the trials that lie ahead?

You can read the comic for free online:

Read atonement online here
Zezu and Lola must travel to the four temples of The World

Meet the characters

zezu portrait

Name: Zezu
Age: 21
Gender: male
Race: Symbualé
Habitat: Eastern Symbualé clan
Personality: Zezu is an optimistic young Symbualé who always tries to find joy in everything he does. He’s very social and likes to talk with everyone. He helps with all kinds of projects, he’s a busy bee! He acts macho with the ladies, he likes to flirt and brag about it to his friends. He’s mostly interested in Lola, the daughter of the chief. He seems to have no chance at all but that doesn’t stop him to try to impress her everytime. Sometimes his tries lead to embarassing situations, not just for him but also for others that are involved.

lola portrait

Name: Lola
Age: 20
Gender: female
Race: Symbualé
Habitat: Eastern Symbualé clan
Personality: Lola is a young lady with sense of responsibility. She is a no-nonsense person and is very straight-forward. She can be quite crude but she remains an emotional person with her family and the Symbualé she cares about. She will always chose for the most useful solution and she reasons everything. She can be stubborn in many ways, because of this she doesn’t always take the opposite person into account. If you put her in her place, you must argue well why you do so, otherwise she won’t accept it.

phil portrait

Name: Phil
Age: 10
Gender: male
Race: Phit
Habitat: Eastern Symbualé clan
Personality: Phil is Lola's companion Phit. He's very loyal to her and would protect her willingly at any cost. He has his own crazy personality and acts silly when allowed. He often gets jealous of others that interact with Lola and so he will often poke his nose between them asking for attention. His 'job' is to carry food and items from and to the harvesting fields.