Everblooming Forest

The World

Stories of the The World

All of my comics, apart from White, take place in my world simply called 'The World'. It is the home of many species and civilizations, each with their own unique stories. Some of these protagonists will even cross paths or hear about eachother's adventures. One of the remarkable things about this world is that the Season Gods have a physical presence in their temples which has inspired many species to follow them as their gods. While others have their own creation stories, they still acknowlegde them. Read on to learn more about my precious world.

The World is a home to many species and civilizations

Six regions


Map name: Terridi
Name: The Green Plains
About: Terridi is the home of the Symbualé clans and the city of Sinihir. There are large fields of green on these plains with little trees. The soil is excellent for agriculture. It is also the home of the four Spirits who roam the Spirit Lake. Their ritual of 'soul judging' can be seen on foggy nights around this lake. The Temple of Summer can be found south in a small forest near the beach.


Map name: Norgiren
Name: The Northern Mountains
About: This snowy landscape is the home of Pazuzu, The God of Winter. The Hièrèno (ice deers) inhabit this place, they are under the control of Pazuzu, patrolling the realm and reporting back to him. The Temple of Winter can be found in the far north. An everlasting winter roams free here. The frozen lake is the main source of water that runs towards Sinihir.

Silva Tenebra

Map name: Silva Tenebra
Name: The Dark Swamp
About: This dark and rotten place is the home of the Paloscura, the dark swamp creatures. The vegetation is rotten and evil, nothing pure grows here. The lake is also poisonous and only inhabites carnivorous fish. Only the Paloscura live here amongst some species of insects, leeches, fish, etc. In between here and Silva Aeterna lies a wasteland to protect Silva Aeterna from harm.

Silva Aeterna

Map name: Silva Aeterna
Name: The Everblooming Forest
About: In this forest lies the capital Loremyr, home of the Lorevanas. Besides them many other creatures live in the forest, like wild phits and other small animals. The forest is rich and blooms eternally. There is no winter there, The Life Flower makes this possible and resides in the heart of Loremyr, as the city was built around it. The temple of Spring can be found in the east of the forest.

The Fodina Mountains

Map name: The Fodina Mountains
Name: The Fodina Mountains
About: These mountains are partly inhabited by the Cacciago. As there isn't much to hunt in these mountains, they mainly reside there because of the mines. They work in them to dig up metals and jewels which they then trade with the Siniruh and the Symbualé. They also forge things themselves like metal tools, weapons but these remain rather simple in shape and finishing.

Silva Shyama

Map name: Silva Shyama
Name: This forest got his name from the colours of the vegetation. It seems as if time stood still in this forest, making it seem autumn forever. However the seasons do apply here. This is the home of the Shyla and the Cacciago, divided by a river, the Shyla claim north and the Cacciago south. Some other big animals live here like a few packs of wild phits. The Temple of Autumn can be found in the west. Azul's spring can be found in the north.