Everblooming Forest

muffin and the spirit

Tales of the Everblooming Forest

Muffin likes to have fun with his friends and live a carefree life. However this young prince must learn to take up his responsibilities and face reality. An ancient voice calls out to him that he must protect Loremyr from the ever lurking Paloscura, creatures of the dark swamp.The Lifeflower cannot die or else Silva Aeterna will be covered in the same darkness that lurks in Silva Tenebra. Can Muffin and his friends avoid this disaster?

life flower logo

The logo of the everblooming forest is based on The Lifeflower:
Flora Vitae, that keeps Silva Aeterna forever blooming
The dark swamp creatures: the Paloscura

Meet the characters

muffin portrait

Name: Fabian Lorelaine Richard
Nickname: Muffin
Age: 18
Gender: male
Race: Lorevana
Rank: Royal prince of Loremyr
Habitat: Loremyr
Personality: Muffin is reckless, stubborn and fun. He loves to tease others. He really loves frogs, he chases them, searches for them in the trees and even acts like one sometimes. He likes to hang out with his friends Flan and Kanaion, he just loves adventure. He often escapes his duty as a prince like this. He can be very random and he’s mostly in a postitive mood.

flan portrait

Name: Flan
Age: 19
Gender: female
Race: Lorevana
Rank: inhabitant of Loremyr
Habitat: Loremyr
Personality: Flan is caring, she likes to take a lead and can be a bit bossy at times. She'll always try to solve problems in a logical order. She hangs out with her friends Muffin and Kanaion when she's not helping her dad in his jewellery shop. She loves to wear all kinds of jewelry like earrings, necklaces or bracelets. She prefers simple jewellery. She made Muffin's earring for his 17th birthday. She has been friends with Muffin for most of their childhood.

kanaion portrait

Name: Kanaion
Nickname: Kana
Age: 22
Gender: male
Race: Lorevana
Rank: inhabitant of Loremyr
Habitat: Loremyr
Personality: Kanaion is strong, reliable and always ready to help his friends. Kanaion moved from the country-side to the capital Loremyr to train to become a guardian of the Lifeflower. He's very determined to reach his goal. He got to know Muffin and Flan when he moved to the capital at his 16 years old. He was able to join the training program at 18 years old to become a guardian. He spends most of what's left of his free time with his friends.