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White is a short story about a winged being with no knowledge of it's memories, purpose or name. Brought into the White World without feelings, with hardly any words, it starts to search for it's purpose. Through it's discoveries in the White World, the being experiences what it feels like to be human, how heavy human emotions weigh. A mysterious boy appears who wants to guide her through these discoveries of feelings but she rejects him. However he does keep appearing until eventually she starts to understand.

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The winged being that appears in White

Meet the characters

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Name: unknown
Age: unknown
Gender: genderless, but appears female
Habitat: unknown, currently the White World
Personality: The winged being has no memory of her past life. She is an empty shell with no feelings. She has to experience human emotions for the first time and that weighs heavy on her. Because of this she is very defensive towards strangers. She will appear most hostile towards individuals that want to invade her life.

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Name: unknown
Age: unknown
Gender: genderless, but appears male
Habitat: the White World
Personality: The boy is a stranger sent to guide the winged being through her journey to find her purpose. He wants to help her understand human emotions better but she does not accept his help. He's got a hard time teaching her anything but he does not lose his patience. He goes through with his mission to the bitter end.